The 5 Hour Offer

Delivering the 5 Hour Offer

This week, the Secretary of State for the Department for Children, Schools & Families, Ed Balls MP, wrote to the Southend West School Sports Partnership to set out the plans for PE and sport over the next 4 years.

Over recent years, we have witnessed a revolution in PE and school sport.  Every child has access to quality PE and sport at school, and beyond the school gates, there is ever more activity taking place to attract young people into sport for life.

The success of the PESSCL strategy since 2003 has been highlighted in a recent report by Ofsted, which found that PE in schools is showing an improving trend in standards, achievement, provision and leadership and that it contributes effectively to 'Every Child Matters' outcomes.  This demonstrates that the investment in PE and sport is really making a difference where it matters - for young people.

As you know, in the run-up to 2012, we have expanded our ambitions.  As part of the Olympic legacy, we want every child to have access to 5 hours of high quality PE and sport per week (3 hours for 16-19 year olds).  This is a top priority for the Government. 

Encouraged by this success, the Government has set new challenges for 2008 to 2011. It wants to create a world-class system of PE and sport for young people, and offer them 5 hours sporting opportunities a week.

Physical Education and School Sport is a priority for the Government.  Building on its vision for school sport, the Government's aim for 2008-2011 is that, in addition to at least 2 hours per week of high quality PE and sport in school for all 5-16 year olds, all children and young people aged 5-19 will be offered opportunities to participate in a further 3 hours per week of sporting activities provided through schools, Further Education (FE) colleges, clubs and community providers. This will create a sustainable legacy both in terms of future elite success and grassroots sport. (PSA 22 - HM Treasury 2007.)

In the run up to the 2012 London Olympics the conditions may never be better to succeed. We all need to be clear about our roles in the sporting landscape for young people.

School Sports Partnerships play key roles in achieving this challenge and we hope that all schools work hard with us to make this happen.

There are 3 new success measures that are now agreed within the PESSYP strategy which all schools should be aware of.

  1. Ensure that there is a universal 5 hour offer in place across the country
  2. By 2010/11, 40% taking part in 5 hours PE and sport per week, By 2012/13, 60% taking part in 5 hours PE and sport per week.
  3. This is a floor target for the Southend West SSP.

We expect, therefore, many challenges over the next 4 years but believe this Partnership is very well placed to achieve these success measures.

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