PLT Training Modules

Five Modules Written by Youth Sport Trust for the PLT

These modules need to be attended by ALL ‘NEW’ PLTs.  Existing PLTs need only complete the ones they have missed so far.  All modules will be half a day, except Module D which is a whole day on the Essex Assessment for Learning framework.  This year’s programme has been designed so that there will be a TOPS course in the afternoons of each of the modules, you may wish to attend half or a whole day.

Module A – An Introduction to the School Sport Partnership & role of subject leader.  Recognise why pupils should be at the centre of development.

  • Recognise how school sport partnerships will contribute to the delivery of the PSA target, the national vision for PE and School Sport and other frameworks , such as ‘Every Child Matters’
  • Identify how PESSCL strands will support them to lead improvement for pupils.
  • Identify and prepare for their role and responsibilities as a PLT and recognise how this will develop their effectiveness as a subject leader.
  • Identify how the partnership audit and planning process will contribute to school self evaluation and the development of appropriate action plans.
  • Analyse strengths and areas for development within existing PE and School Sport policies.

Module B – Role of Subject Leader in developing High Quality PE and School Sport Recognise the characteristics of high quality PE and sport.

  • Identify the role of the subject leader in supporting staff and pupils to achieve the high quality outcomes of PE and School Sport.
  • Establish own school's strengths and areas for improvement in relation to high quality PE and School Sport as part of whole school development.
  • Identify strategies to raise standards within PE, sport and whole school.

Module C – Planning the pathway, curriculum and OSHL

  • Evaluate the appropriateness of their existing curriculum & OSHL structure and map. 
  • Explain what makes a balanced curriculum and OSHL programme.
  • Identify the distinctive contribution of each area of activity to the PE curriculum.
  • Plan an appropriate curriculum and OSHL programme in PE and Sport.
  • Identify strategies to improve their own curriculum and OSHL structure and map.

Module D – Assessment for Learning (The Essex Framework)

  • The course uses a mixture of theory and practical to introduce the Essex Assessment for Learning framework for PE, including what to assess, how to assess and recording. 

Module E – High Quality teaching, coaching and leading identify the characteristics of high quality teaching and learning within and beyond the curriculum.

  • Recognise a range of approaches for analysing and evaluating teaching and learning.
  • Identify the principles of providing effective feedback.
  • Select appropriate methods to support the self review process.


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