High Quality PE in Your School

Ten pupil outcomes of high quality PESS were described in the booklet High quality PE and sport for young people. These should be the starting point for evaluating the quality of PESS in your school. A further guide, Do you have high quality PE and sport in your school?, gives detailed guidance on how to carry out an evaluation.

What are the pupil outcomes of high quality PESS?

Pupils are committed to PE and sport and make them a central part of their lives – both in and out of school. They seldom miss PE lessons, remember their kit and get changed on time. They make sure they are available for sport events and take responsibility for not letting down others. They encourage other pupils to get involved and help adults to organise lessons and activities.


Pupils know and understand what they are trying to achieve and how to go about doing it. They know how to think for each area of activity and when and how to use composition, choreography, games strategy, athletic tactics and problem solving. They also know how they are judged in each area of activity.


Pupils understand that PE and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. They know how PE and sport contribute to a balanced healthy, active lifestyle and how different activities affect their fitness, health and feelings about themselves. They can explain how the school helps them to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.


Pupils have the confidence to get involved in PE and sport. They are willing to demonstrate what they can do, volunteer questions and answers, ask for help when they need it and talk positively about their achievements. They help others and are happy to take part in any capacity. They try new activities without worrying about failing.


Pupils have the skills and control that they need to take part in PE and sport. They show good body control, have poise and balance, and show fluency and accuracy in their movements. They can apply and adapt a wide range of skills and techniques effectively.


Pupils willingly take part in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, both as individuals and as part of a team or group. They get involved in any activities in PE lessons and take part in different school sport activities. They are happy to work and perform on their own, as well as in groups and teams.


Pupils think about what they are doing and make appropriate decisions for themselves. They work without constant prompting and ask questions so that they can organise themselves and make progress. They come up with ideas and strategies to help them improve. They react to situations intelligently when performing, taking into account others’ strengths and weaknesses.


Pupils show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities. They are determined to achieve the best possible results and spend extra time practising. They often compare their performance to their own in the past and to other people’s and feel that they could do better still. They ask for advice on how to improve.


Pupils have the stamina, suppleness and strength to keep going. They concentrate well and maintain their energy and activity levels. They seldom miss PE because of illness or injury and are physically strong and flexible enough to take part in activities.


Pupils enjoy PE, school and community sport. They are keen to take part and talk about what they are doing with enthusiasm. They show an interest in the PE/sport notice-boards and often watch or read about PE and sport. They are eager to get to PE lessons and smile a lot!

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