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Event Description:

Upper KS 2 Team Criteria

Team: 6 Gymnasts – Mixed boys and girls (minimum of 1 boy or 1 girl in the team)

Age: Year 5&6 Combined


Team competition:

3 x Gymnasts to perform – Individual Body Management routine (Step 3 set BM routine) – this routine will be filmed and performed individually

3 x Gymnasts to perform – Individual Floor routine (Step 3 Floor routine) - this routine will be filmed and performed individually        

Routine content:              Please refer to your Keysteps resource folder.


Routines to be recorded and sent to organiser.

Routines will be judged by independent Judging team.

Competitors should wear a leotard/leotard and shorts/PE kit (t-shirt to be tucked in), bare feet.

Hair needs to be tied back. No jewellery should be worn by children. Taped earrings will not be allowed, they must be removed.


Upper KS 2 Team Criteria

Floor sequence to be performed on a rectangle of mats, approximately 8 x 6 metres (if possible).

Perform 6 of the 10 moves shown on the card.

This basic rehearsed routine should be no longer than 90 seconds

Music is optional

Elements maybe performed in any order

Additional steps, travelling movement, dance can be added to link elements together.

Different patterns and directions should be included to offer variety to the routine


Body management to be performed on an individual mat.



Competition Format

Children will compete as a team. An overall team score will be collated and highest score will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place accordingly.This competition is designed to encourage children and teachers to become more confident with gymnastics and enjoy performing their skills and routines virtually to the judges.



Children should be of a BEGINNER level. This competition is not appropriate for children already competing at a British Schools or Club level.