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Event Description:

Minimum: 5 boys and 5 girls

5 events

10x10m shuttle run

standing long jump

Speed Bounce

Chest Push - use a Size 4 Basketball

Verticle Jump

Event: 10x10m Shuttle Run

• The athlete begins from a standing position behind the start line.

• On the whistle the athlete runs 10 metres to the set of cones opposite.

• The athlete must place one foot over the return line before turning and running in the opposite direction.

• After completing the 10 metre distance 10 times the clock is stopped when they re-cross the start line.

• The time is taken to the tenth of a second.

• 0.2 second must be added if the athlete turns short of the line.

Event: Chest Push

The ball is held against the chest with two hands

It must be pushed

Both feet must remain on the floor at all times

One foot may be in front of the other but your body must be stationary

Do not pass the throwing line during the throw

Measure from the point the ball touches the ball to the throwing line

The chest must face forward at all time

Each participant will have 3 attempts and their longest throw will be their final scores

JUDGES: 1 standing at side of area observing distance with start of tape measure1 standing at throwing line, calling peoples names to throw, measuring distance and recording

1 returning the ball (by rolling)

Event: Speed Bounce

Allow a trial before first jump starts

Each participant must complete as many bounces either side of the wedge in 20 seconds

Each participant will have 3 attempts and their highest number of bounces will be their final score

Both feet must touch each side of the mat for the bounce to count

The bounce is void if the participant lands on the wedge, they should be encouraged to restart as soon as possible

2 competitors (same school) will jump at a time.

JUDGES: 1 central timing the children

1 counting per child (2 judges)

Event: Standing Long Jump

Two footed jump from take off line from standing position

Measure from the take off line to where the back of the closest heel to the take off line landed

The participant may step forward after the jump, but if he/she falls back, the measurement is taken at the body part closest to the take off line

Encourage participants to bend their knees and swing their arms for lift

JUDGES: 1 at side of the tape accurately measuring the jump

1 recording results and calling names

Event: Vertical Jump

Participant stands with their back, head and heels touching the wall

Both arms stretched upwards to push the scale up with the fingertips

Arms must be straight and touch the side of the head and feet must be flat on the floor

This measurement needs to be marked downThe participant then jumps from the standing position, touching the wall at the highest point

The measurement is recorded to the nearest centimetre

Subtract this distance from the original to find jump

e.g. original position 1m 65cm

jumps 2m 05cm

actual jump 40cm

JUDGES: 1 recording results and calling names

1 measuring the distances


Please see resources section of the website and EVENT GUIDANCE for help with the events