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On Thursday the 26th of November the St Christopher’s School kindly provided the venue for the SWSSP KS1 Sports Athletics! A big thank you to the children of St Christopher’s School who had great fun testing out all the activities, demonstrating them all to our young leaders in preparation for the big event. The competition included both track and field events. The young leaders from the Westcliff Boys High School demonstrated the range of events to the competitors with bounds of enthusiasm and assisted the competitors whilst they raced. From a mission impossible styled obstacle course to the over and under course and finally Sprint relays that would rival Usian Bolt himself!,  the atmosphere in the St Christopher’s sports hall was electrifying. Parents and teachers alike gave their full support and couldn’t resist the opportunity to join in on the parent and teacher sprint relay race, where they raced against each other, the boys from Westcliff High and the SWSSP team. The SWSSP unfortunately had a ‘Lemon’ in their team who dropped the baton! This provided great amusement for the Boys from Westcliff High who then went on to receive their victory!

Edwards Hall came 1st in the morning session with Leigh Infants as close runners up. St Mary’s achieved 3rd place and Sacred Heart came 4th.

In the afternoon session Eastwood Primary achieved a well deserved 1st place, with Fairways close behind in 2nd place and Heycroft came 3rd.

Upon announcement that Eastwood Primary had won, ecstatic parents jumped in glee on the benches from where they spectated!

A massive thank you to our young leaders from Wescliff Boys High School and also to the children and teachers from St Chrispoher’s School. We couldn’t have done it without you all!

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