Fairways Activate Success

"It wakes you up in the morning, it's really fun and it gets everyone ready for numeracy!" say Amy Elvidge and Bethany Tongue, prefects in Class 10, Yr 6 at Fairways Primary School.

"In the morning it's mainly jumpy and active. In the afternoon it's more like Yoga, it relaxes you which is really good after being in the playground. It's just really fun, some of the singing is great. It's different for each year-group, the Year 2's do their sessions in the hall all together. Year 6 has more complicated movement which is good.

Some of the activities get your brain going. Nearly all people like it. We use some of the activities as warm-ups before we do cross country. Singing gets your lungs warmed up! Some people do it during the day, just before tests or when they need their brains to work!"

Amy and Bethany took me on a tour of Fairways Primary School this morning (Wednesday 9th December) and we saw the Year 6's and the Year 2's doing their morning "Activate" sessions, (photo's attached!). Thanks to the support and enthusiasm from Mr Pinchback (Head-teacher), all year-groups now complete their Activate sessions 5-days-a-week, in both the morning and the afternoon.

The benefits of Activate in terms of increased physical activity and in preparing the pupils for improved learning throughout the day are well researched. More and more schools (like Fairways) in the Southend West School Sport Partnership are embracing Activate and this can only benefit children in the area for many years to come.

Anthony Bees, SSCo, Belfairs High School.

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