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The Southend West School Sports Partnership (SWSSP) aims to sustain the continued development of sport in local primary & secondary schools and aim to build a better future for all young people through Physical Education and school sport.This job is made a lot easier through the hard work and dedication of the Primary Link Teacher’s (PLT’s). The PLT’s are Primary School teachers who have volunteered or have sometimes been volunteered to have the responsibility for the co-ordination and development of Physical Education and sport outside of the normal school day. They are responsible for increasing participation and organising and running intra-school competitions and inter-school competitions with other local Primary Schools.

We now have 22 PLT’s working in the partnership and are very excited about working with these and with the future competitions and developments that will no doubt be made within our local Primary Schools in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to say well done to all our link teachers and thank you for your hard work.

Latest News

Activity ideas during school lockdown 2021

Whilst pupils are off school during lockdown we have produced a number of activity ideas that children can complete whilst they are off school. 

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Today saw the beginning of our Santa Dash

On Wednesday 9th December we visited St George's to see them complete their festive daily Mile, known as the Santa Dash. All of the children wore christmas head gear whilst they were running, we wanted to mark this memorable occasion with a…

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Disney Active Play Through Storytelling

The FA shooting stars programme inspired by Disney uses franchises including Frozen, Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Aladdin and Marvels' Guardians of the Galaxy to tell stories and encourage your girls to think about football as something for them ( not…

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