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The SWWSP require a full time Senior School Sport Co-ordinator .

Their role as SSCo is outlined below.

As senior SSCo additional responsibilities will include leading on competition faciliatation,coaching co-ordination,G and T consultation and any additional duties deemed necessary.

Please contact Deb Slack at  [email protected] or 07879 119155


Overall role

  • Develop and ensure implementation of after school sport programmes in secondary and primary schools.
  • Develop and implement intra-school competition in the secondary school.
  • Use sport to support transition from primary school to secondary.
  • Work with PDM to recruit, train and deploy coaches to work in school.
  • Develop links to local clubs and support young people to transition into them.
  • Find the non participants in school and develop programmes to engage them.

Main Responsibilities and Tasks

Leadership and Management of the Cluster

  • Engage and maintain the support of the Head Teachers.
  • Encourage all schools to ensure that young people take part in a minimum of 2 hours high quality physical education, leading to a further 3 hours beyond the school day.
  • Develop an ongoing evaluation and priorities document that reflects the priorities of the cluster and forms part of the Partnership EPD.
  • Establish robust data tracking and monitoring systems to help inform cluster priorities.
  • Fulfil the requirements of local and national data collection processes.
  • Advocate the role of physical education and sport in raising whole school standards by promoting the successes of their school and cluster’s work ensuring it has a high profile.

High Quality Physical Education for all Young People

  • Identify which schools in their cluster have systems in place to assess if they have high quality physical education.
  • Work with the Partnership Development Manager to signpost support for those schools that do not.

Access to High Quality Activities on a School Site

  • Determine the cluster’s sporting landscape- who are the engaged, the non-engaged and what are their barriers to participation?
  • Support their PE Department and their Primary Link Teachers to implement appropriately targeted, sustainable high quality OSHL programmes.
  • Develop intra-school competitive opportunities in their own school and support competitive development in each of the cluster schools.

Signpost to High Quality Activities in a Community Environment

  • Work with the Partnership Development Manager and partners to develop links to local clubs, signpost and support young people’s transition into them.

  Provision for young people to develop their potential

  • Identify which young people in their cluster are engaged in competition and determine the barriers for those that aren’t engaged.
  • Work with the Competition Manager to increase the quality and develop the delivery of competition opportunities for all young people in their cluster.

Coaching, Leadership and Volunteering

  • Identify which young people in the cluster are actively engaged in coaching, leading and volunteering. Determine the barriers for those who aren’t engaged, developing a suitable pathway to grow and deploy all young people in high quality coaching, leadership and volunteering roles.
  • Support the PE Department and Primary Link Teachers to implement high quality leadership and volunteering development programmes.
  •  Ensure that young people engaged in coaching, leadership and volunteering are reflective of the diversity of the cluster, fully utilising the Step into Sport pathway to support development.
  • In conjunction with the Partnership Development Manager, ensure that coaching, leadership and volunteering development within the cluster is part of a wider strategic, sustainable development process.

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