Reception Sportshall Athletics

The final Sportshall Athletics competition for this academic year got underway today at The St Christopher School.  Seven schools joined in the fun, this time with their Reception children.  All in all there were one hundred and forty tiny pairs of feet running and jumping around, led expertly by the Junior Leaders from Westcliff High School for Girls. 

The boys and girls from Leigh Infants, Heycroft Primary, St Mary’s, West Leigh Infants, Eastwood Primary, Blenheim Primary and Edwards Hall Primary took it in turns to compete on the track and in the field events; all of the track races seemed very close between the teams in both sessions but it was impossible to tell who had won in each session until the scores from the field events had come in.  With all the events finished, the scores were totalled and the trophies were presented to the winning school in each session – Heycroft from the morning session and Eastwood from the afternoon session.  Many congratulations to everyone who took part; we hope you all enjoyed yourselves – it definitely sounded like you did! 


Session 1                                                                                            

1st          Heycroft              132 points                                          

2nd        Leigh Infants        108 points                                          

3rd        West Leigh            104 points                                           

4th       St Mary’s                100 points

Session 2

1st         Eastwood               96 points 

2nd       Edwards Hall           88 points

3rd        Blenheim               82 points

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