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All year 5's have now completed there Young Leaders training in Sacred Heart, St Teresea's and St Helens.  The SWSSP are delighted how their skills of organisation, safety, responsibilty, communication, co-operation and enjoyment have developed through out the course.

Their success will be reflected in PESSYP results 2009/2010 in October whereby 100% of pupils would have had the opportunity in leadership and volunteering.

Young leaders practice 2010

Year 5 in St. Helens primary school have been doing Young leaders practice for when they're in Class 6, we have all had amazing fun and we loved it here is a report on everything that we have done in the practice.


Week 1: Space 


In week 1 we found out a word we was going to use as a topic type of thing: STEP, Space, Task, Equipment and People. We also found out 6 other words we should be as a young leader because we had to be ole models. Week 1: Space, we was focusing on the amount of Space we had, we played stuck in the mud in a small 1/3 of space and no one enjoyed it, so Mrs. Slack (Leader of young leaders) told us to use the whole playground and everybody enjoyed it and had fun because we had space to run round and be away from the mud monster. We get points every lesson in our table groups and we got 398 altogether. 


Week 2: Task and Equipment


On this day we had to make up a game that we could play being a young leader, this would help us as young leaders because we needed to know how to communicate with others. We taught our class mates how to play our game. My table's group was named team Ohuruogo named after champion runner Christine Ohuruogo. Our game was called handball, but it isn't the handball you think, it's another version, you could only bounce the ball once whilst having the ball and you couldn't hold the ball you had to keep punching it into the goal, your only allowed to do 3 passes as minimum before shooting/scoring. Team Venus shown us theirs and we were impressed very much.


Week 3 last week with year 3 coming!!!


This week we had a task of teaching year 3 our games, we had half an hour to either

make a new game or use the game we did the day before, in our case handball, and that's what we used. When Mrs. Slack blew her whistle we all sat down, then when she blew her second whistle the class 3's had to go to the next group for them to do the groups game. All of the groups started nervously but we gradually got better and better and better! In our group we started with our original handball but that was awful so we tried the traffic light game where you stop, go, make a round circle or speedwalk, but that didn't go well so we played dragons treasure/Piggy behind the curtain, and that went down supremely well.


By Stanley Lodge and the rest of Class 5



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