Year 5/6 Mixed B Football

Friday’s Year 5 and 6 a side football tournament showcased many of the footballing talents from the Southend borough at an event at Playfootball Southend.

The weather proved challenging throughout the afternoon but it didn’t manage to wipe the smiles off the players faces. It was a day when it would not rain but would drizzle just enough to be a nuisance to supporters but players were not fazed and were determined to carry on regardless. Every team put in their best efforts in and some fantastic football was played, however, only 4 teams advanced through to the semi finals, Heycroft tigers, Temple Sutton, Heycroft lions and Earls Hall. The rest of the teams automatically entered a shield or plate competition to make sure everyone got the chance to play in as many games as possible and gain the benefit of enjoyment from sport.

The first team into the final was Heycroft Lions with a 1-0 win over Heycroft Tigers after a hard fought battle between two rival school teams. Joining them were temple Sutton with a 2-1 win over Earls Halls which was equally as tough a match as the other semi final. The final was fiercely contested by both teams but Heycroft grasped victory by winning 3-0. So our congratulations go to Heycroft Lions for them being the winners of the year 5/6 mixed b team football competition.

A big thank you for SESSP and SWSSP for overseeing the tournament as well as to competition manager Tracy Bennett for arranging the fixtures and for her first aid expertise.  Special thank you to Playfootball Southend for the use of the facilities as well as to the teachers and parents who managed to get their teams to the event on time and were very supportive to all participants.

The biggest thank you goes to Southend High School for Boys Sixth Form who refereed and ran the whole afternoon with no need of any help. They impressed everyone who was there and took a big round of applause for their efforts at the end of the afternoons play.

(This report was written by Jack Sirkett and Emily Preston from Southend High School for boys 6th Form)

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