Sportshall Athletics Success

Today saw seven more schools battle it out in the Year 3 & 4 Sportshall Athletics.


Session 1:

1st  St Mary's

2nd Edwards Hall

3rd  St Christopher's

Session 2:

1st   Heycroft

2nd  Blenheim 

3rd  Westborough

4th  St Teresa's

Report to follow

Today, 20th January, our Sports Leaders team travelled to St. Christopher’s as part of our Level One Award in leadership. Over the day we worked with children from 7 different schools within the local area. We worked with children of the same age but with different abilities, for example some of the children had learning difficulties and at times this made our job challenging but very rewarding for all of us.We learnt many things today including how to work together as a team, our goals were to work together to make the day a success for everyone which in my eyes it was. Everybody involved enjoyed it and had new skills to walk away with. We also learnt how to vary the way we explain things depending on the ability and age of the group we were leading. We learnt a lot in the way of leadership skills because we had to be able to lead a group of up to 4 children at a time. We learnt that by cheering the children on they became more enthusiastic and at times more competitive.The children participated in many different activities; one of them was a relay race. All the children enjoyed this a lot and everyone got involved even if it was only with the screaming and cheering each other on. In this event the children had a demonstration performed by two members of our team and they enjoyed the demo, this was a good way of ensuring that all the children had a good understanding of the event. Members of our team did the event with some of the children to spur the participants on. This event also got the children working as a team too.

I enjoyed today and have walked away with many new skills; we learnt how to adapt the way we speak depending on the age and mental abilities of the people we’re talking to. We’ve also learnt how to run a group and take control when it’s needed. We learnt organisation skills because we had to set out equipment in the right way keeping health and safety in mind. We also learnt how officials keep score and time things that needed to be time kept. A final thing that we learnt was how to record scores properly in a competition scenario.

A thoroughly enjoyable day!

By Victoria Smith

The Eastwood School

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