Our Lady of Lourdes wins KS2 Cross Country

Over 1200 pupils took part in the KS2 Cross Country at Garons on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Overall Team winners:

1st  Our Lady of Lourdes

2nd  Alleyn Court

3rd   Chalkwell Hall



Year 3 Girls 1st Jessica Heath Heycroft 2ndEvie Chapman Hamstel 3rd Sophie Toye Our Lady of Lourdes     Year 4 Girls1st Isobel Francis Richardson Thorpe Hall 2nd Chloe Gillett Heycroft 3rd Poppy Fairways     

Year 5  Girls1st  Aisling Walters Heycroft 2nd Shae Lock Westborough 3rd Maddie Cooper Temple Sutton     

Year 6 Girls1st Maddie Schnider Chalkwell Hall 2nd Sophie Galbraith Alleyn Court 3rd Bethany Dench Our Lady of Lourdes



Year 3 Boys 1st Raffety Conneely Our Lady of Lourdes 2nd Harry Wright Our Lady of Lourdes 3rd Ted Thomas West Leigh     

Year 4 Boys 1st Beau M Alleyn Court 2nd Max Hearn Heycroft 3rd Fred Bournes Green     

Year 5 Boys 1st Sam Riley Earls Hall 2nd Michael Alleyn Court 3rd Diesel Bell Bishop Heycroft     

Year 6 Boys 1st Sebastian P'kitt Richardson St Marys 2nd Kai Van Roon Collins Thorpe Hall 3rd Ben Creevy-McDonald Hinguar

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