Darlinghurst win first Yr3/4 Dodgeball Comp

We held our first ever year 3 & 4 dodgeball competition in Southend on Thursday 21st November at Thorpe Hall School. We had 10 schools taking part across two dodgeball courts.

For a game that is only 2 minutes long it is a very exhilarating and energetic game to see which team can eliminate the opposing players. We had some very close matches and the final 4 teams still in the running’s for medal contention were Earls Hall, Westborough, Darlinghurst and Bournes Green.

The semi-finals saw Westborough v’s Darlinghurst, Westborough clinched the initial lead however Darlinghurst upped their game and won 2 games to 1. Earls Hall secured a win in their semi-final against Bournes green. Playing it out for 3rd place was Bournes Green against Westborough, Bournes Green securing a 3-0 win placing them 3rd.

Which lead to a final match of Darlinghurst vs Earls Hall. Darlinghurst clinched a 1-0 lead over Earls Hall which then became a 3-0 win.

A huge well done to all our competing schools Chalkwell Hall, Darlinghurst, Bournes Green, Westborough, Temple Sutton, Bournemouth Park, Earls Hall, Thorpedene, Thorpe Hall and Porters Grange.

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