KS2 Borough Athletics

On Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June, schools from all across Southend showed their skills and talents off at the Borough sports 2011, this year’s event was hosted at Garons Leisure Complex.

It was an eventful day with the sun shinning and children looking forward to the competition ahead, gladly supported and encouraged by their staff members and proud parents from the side.

The day consisted of many events such as: Javelin, Shot Putt, Standing Jump, Long Jump, 400m, 600m, Sprints and Relays.

The competition during the days was very close, with all schools putting 100% effort in and showing the determination to win. We had records smashed in a few events, so well done to those who achieved a new Borough record.

Congratulations to all schools for taking part and making it a great day, especially the four winning schools: Our lady of Lourdes, Fairways, St. Marys and Prince Ave.

28 schools in total took part over the 2 days, with every Key Stage 2 school represented across the Borough. All the children enjoyed themselves, this could be seen from the smiles and cheers filling the track.

Big thanks to the Southend East & West SSP staff and the students from Southend High School for Girls, Shoebury, St. Bernards and Westcliff High School for Girls for helping run another fantastic competition.

Group 1

1st Our Lady of Lourdes/ total score 247

2nd Bournes Green/ total score 217

3rd Edwards Hall/ total score 194

4th Earls Hall/ total score 186

5th Heycroft/ total score 184

6th West Leigh/ total score 145

7th Chalkwell Hall/ total score 125 – Moving to group 2 in 2012

Group 2

1st Fairways/ total score 239 – Moving to group 1 in 2012

2nd Temple Sutton/ total score 229

3rd Thorpe Greenways/ total score 214

4th Leigh North Street/ total score 165

5th Milton Hall/ total score 160

6th Darlinghurst/ total score 159

7th Hamstel/ Total score 120 – moving to group 3 in 2012

Group 3

1st St Marys/ total score 249 – moving to group 2 in 2012

2nd Blenheim/ total score 230

3rd Bournemouth Park/ total score 212

4th Sacred Heart/ total score 187

5th Westborough/ total score 179

6th Thorpedene/ total score 120

7th Eastwood/ total score 102 – moving to group 4 in 2012

Group 4

1st Prince Avenue/ total score 264 – moving to group 3 in 2012

2nd St Helens/ total score 210

3rd Friars/ total score 200

4th St Georges/ total score 191

5th Richmond/ total score 159

6th Porters Grange/ total score 137

7th Hinguar/ total score 117

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